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Q:How can I place an order?
A:You can place order on Speedaf website or call the hotline for any instruction.
Q:Can I send heavy goods or bulk goods?
A:Yes, Speedaf accepts both of them.
Q:Can I send packages on Saturdays or Holidays?
Q:Will the courier pick up and deliver the package to doorstep?
Q:How long does it take for a package to reach destination?
A:It depends on the destination, please contact our customer service or sales for details.
Q:How can I track my package?
A.You can track the packages on Speedaf official website or customer APP.
Q:Is it allowed to ship built-in battery and matching battery for electric cargo?
A:Yes, it is allowed to ship built-in battery and matching battery for electric cargo, but the battery capacity cannot exceed 100WH, if it exceeds, the cargo will be classified as dangerous goods(DG). Note as well that the quantity of matching battery cannot exceed two pieces.
Q:Is the pure battery always be classified as dangerous articles no matter how much WH of it?
A:Yes, the pure battery is always be classified as dangerous goods no matter how much WH of it.
Q:How does the pure battery(dangerous articles) affects the flight arrangements?
A:Dangerous goods can only be arranged on a cargo aircraft.
Q:What kind of product requires magnetic inspection report? Can this kind of cargo go through the general cargo channel?
A:Strong magnetic products (such as magnets, high-power audio, etc.) need to do magnetic inspection report;This kind of product can match which channel depends on magnetic inspection report results.

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