In order to meet the parcel delivery needs of customers, Speedaf offers customers high-quality, door-to-door, broad network coverage express service with the fast speed.
Speedaf warehouses are customized for e-commerce and traditional B2B customers in both China and Africa, to help customer to realize inventory management, our real-time monitoring reduces logistics operation costs, and timely responses to orders.
Speedaf provides door-to-door trucking services on demand, with competitive prices and reliable service to fulfil customers’ needs on LTL and FTL.
Speedaf provides China-Africa logistics by self-owned resources,including air and sea services. Ensuring every package is safely transported and delivered on time.
Speedaf cooperates with local business partners, including our customs clearance and transportation services to ensure customs compliance and timely delivery of goods whether you ship by air or sea. With strong customs clearance experience,we will help you reduce the risk of delay or penalties

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